TV debate : All together under one roof on TV1

(Bosanski) TV1 - Svi zajedno pod jednim krovom od 9.11.2017.  o problemima dvije škole pod jednim krovom, strateškom parnčenju u ovom i drugim slučajevima diskriminacije u BiH. Više »

First Identity cards for naturalised refugees in BiH

First ID cards were issued for the naturalized Roma refugees fro Prijedor area. Acquiring BiH citizenship will enable these people to apply for social housing assistance as they currently live in uninhabited Više »

Rule of Law and Access to Justice in BiH-Conference Summary

On 6 June, 2016, Vaša Prava BiH (VPBiH) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to BiH hosted a forum on Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Bosnia Više »

International Romani Day-April 8th

International Romani Day is celebrated in honor of the first World Congress of Roma, held in April 1971 in London. The Congress adopted the decision on the Roma flag and official anthem. Više »

Presentation of BiH labor legislation analyses

Final workshop and presentation of BIH labour Legislation Analyses-February, 26 2016, Hotel Hollywood, Sarajevo, from 10 AM Više »


Vasa prava BIH lodged six appeals to the Constitutional Court of BiH

Association ” Vaša prava BiH” in the past two months filed six appeals to the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina on behalf of asylum seekers whose freedom of movement was seriously restricted.

VP claims that there has been a violation of the right to liberty as enshrined in Article 5 of the European Convention of Human Rights as well as a violations of the right to freedom of movement guaranteed by Article 2 of the 4th  Protocol.

According to the practice of the European Court in Strasbourg, detention of  asylum seekers could be imposed only if absolutely necessary ( judgement of the Court in Strasbourg: Saadi v. United Kingdom, application no. 13229/03, para. 70 ), while the detention of asylum seekers is considered arbitrary if it can not be justified by the fact that it represents the measure of last resourt  when all other, less severe measures are assessed inadequate for the protection of individual or public interests that are sought to be protected by the detention of this person (Rusu v. Austria, Application no. 34082/02, Judgement of 02.10.2008, para. 58).

The time will show whether in these cases asylum seekers were victims of violations of human rights.