TV debate : All together under one roof on TV1

(Bosanski) TV1 - Svi zajedno pod jednim krovom od 9.11.2017.  o problemima dvije škole pod jednim krovom, strateškom parnčenju u ovom i drugim slučajevima diskriminacije u BiH. Više »

First Identity cards for naturalised refugees in BiH

First ID cards were issued for the naturalized Roma refugees fro Prijedor area. Acquiring BiH citizenship will enable these people to apply for social housing assistance as they currently live in uninhabited Više »

Rule of Law and Access to Justice in BiH-Conference Summary

On 6 June, 2016, Vaša Prava BiH (VPBiH) and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to BiH hosted a forum on Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Bosnia Više »

International Romani Day-April 8th

International Romani Day is celebrated in honor of the first World Congress of Roma, held in April 1971 in London. The Congress adopted the decision on the Roma flag and official anthem. Više »

Presentation of BiH labor legislation analyses

Final workshop and presentation of BIH labour Legislation Analyses-February, 26 2016, Hotel Hollywood, Sarajevo, from 10 AM Više »

vpbih  2015

“Reducing workplace exploitation and increasing labour rights protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

The Association “Vasa Prava BiH” invites you to attend a kick-off meeting and presentation of the project “Reducing workplace exploitation and increasing labour rights protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, which is supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI).

The goal of the project is to strengthen the rights of workers, with the special emphasis on the women workers in the trade and service industry, in order to enable them to effectively protect their rights and address all forms of exploitation present on the workplace, thereby in the long term creating conditions for improving the work environment and raising the standard of living of the BiH population.

Project activities aim to:

– Acquaint the public with mechanisms for the protection of worker’s rights, in particular women workers, and increase the participation of major trade Unions in negotiating satisfactory application of legislation and observation of legal requirements in line with their responsibilities;

– Prepare detailed analysis of the legal framework and current administrative-legal practice regarding worker’s rights, in particular the current cases of violations of the rights of women workers in the trade and service industry sectors;

– Establish the compatibility of the recently proposed employment law with the EU legal framework, obligations and international legal norms, and put forward concrete proposals for policy changes in the area of labour legislation;

– Promote the protection of worker’s rights, especially women workers, via alternative solutions to labour rights litigation and court proceedings.

The kick-off meeting and presentation is intended to mobilize a wide spectrum of participants to active debate on key problems in this highly important legal field, covering issues relating to basic human rights, observance of international legal norms, the Constitution and legislation at various levels, at the very time where an important social discourse is taking place relating to newly proposed laws and their real impact on legislation relating to labour relations, economic reform and the process of the integration of BiH into the EU.

You are invited to accept this invitation to participate at the meeting, and in doing so contribute to raising awareness of the high importance of this topic for society as a whole, contribute to our discussion of burning questions in the field of labor rights, and contribute to defining the best means to effectively and usefully promote and protect the rights of workers.

The aim of the meeting is to;

– Discuss actual and future policies, initiatives and priorities in the field of labour rights protection, with special emphasis on situation of women workers as particularly vulnerable group;

– Explore the ideas for research on strategies for the effective protection of worker’s rights, women workers in particular, and prevention of their violation;

– Explore on the possibility of increasing cooperation and coordination between the state, Unions, CSOs and the local community, with the aim of collecting reliable information and monitoring the implementation of labour legislation;

– Creating conclusion to serve as recommendations for future activities relating to the protection of worker’s rights in practice and at the level of the judiciary.


– Worker’s representatives

– Union representatives,

– Representatives of state, entity and cantonal governments,

– Local government representatives,

– CSO representatives,

– Representatives of the women’s association,

– Free legal aid providers,

– Employment agency representatives,

– Representatives of Centres for Social Welfare,

– Representatives of the media,

– Representatives of international organizations and institutions,