Building Strong Civil Society in BiH Assumes Protection of Children’s Rights at all Levels of Government

Results of the EU funded project “Children’s Role for a Strong Civil Society” were presented in on 31st July 2014, Sarajevo, in presence of representatives of the EU Delegation to BiH, BiH More »

Enforcing decissons of the Constitutional Court of BiH

(Bosanski) U savremenim evropskim ustavnopravnim sistemima Ustavni sud zauzima posebno mjesto, budući da brani osnovne principe i načela ustavnopravnih sistema. Ustavni sud BiH je institucija za zaštitu ustavnopravnog poretka, a koji uključuje More »


(Bosanski) By completing this questionnaire you will be making an important contribution to provide an updated view on the implementation of the legal framework regulating on children’s rights More »

Seven Roma children and one adult person first time registered in the Birth Books

(Bosanski) Udruženje ''Vaša prava BiH'' i Predstavništvo UNHCR Bosne i Hercegovine su dana 10.04.2014 godine obilježili Dan Roma na način da su na ceremonijama upriličenim u matičnim uredima u Mostaru i Živinicama More »

International Roma Day Photo Competition

Vaša Prava BiH and UNHCR commemorate International Roma Day, reminding governments of the social vulnerability and marginalization of Roma people, while encouraging additional efforts in preventing and eliminating statelessness More »


Romani culture: Power of your stories

Following the photo-competition Romska kultura gledana kroz vase oci, we have seen how litlle is actually known about the Romani culture which stays suppressed by existing stereotypes in the society.

It is time to show the other part of the story. The one of Roma people, valuable citizens who maintain their culture and take pride in their roots. Therefore, we decided to call on you, everybody, who feels that their voice should be heard. We invite you to share you stories reflecting on Romani culture, traditions and beliefs, struggles and victories. We all can become teachers, motivators and inspirors. Your story has this power!

All stories will be published on our blog ( We want to build an online selection of your stories to discover what is and what should be happening, but also to instigate a different debate, the one from which heros and role models can arise. We believe that through your stories Romani community can be represented more authentically locally and globally. This is what we call.


To inspire you, we created 4 categories for your stories. Please note that you can assign more than one category to your entry or entries.


Do you celebrate any holiday in any particular way? Do you know some sayings and tales passed through in your family? Share your traditional beliefs, customs, and stories of a community passed through the generations by word of mouth.


Are you a poet or a writer? Can you paint? Are you an outstanding musician? Share your story and art.


Do you know some local hero? Or are you a one? Do you have a strength to overcome all obstacles and to fight for better life for your community? Share your projects and achievements.


Do you help Romani comunities in any way? Is there something what you have learnt from this experience? Maybe something we all could benefit from? Share your stories, observations and lessons learned.


ANYBODY. Particularly encouradged to take part are students, professionals and Romani rights activists.


  1. Your written contribution should not exceed 700 words. Have you written a novel, which you would like to share? Please, choose only an extract of not more then 700 words.
  2. Do not be afraid to get personal. We want to know who you are. Introduce yourself at the beginning.
  3. Stories are powerful tools. They can teach, inspire and motivate. Think twice what kind of message are you about to convey. We do not support stereotypes! They are everywhere around us. We want to know what is hidden underneath.
  4. You are particularly encouradged to accompany your contribution with any other media work (photography or link to a video). These should be of a good quality to be posted alongside the story. Please declare the authorship of the work, if you are not the (only) author.
  5. You can send your stories to .