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Meeting in Skopje:’Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’

As the UNHCR’s implementing partner of the project ‘Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’, ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’ attended a regional meeting in Skopje on 27 and 28 January 2011.  In addition to UNHCR and ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’, the meeting also gathered the representatives from Praxis (Serbia), CRP/K (Kosovo), Pravni centar (Montenegro), MYLA (Macedonia), as well as Human Rights Ombudsman (Croatia).

After the brief introduction and presentation about the results accomplished last year, the representatives of the above non-governmental organisations emphasized a necessity to amend the applicable Regional Memorandum on Understanding signed in 2009 under the sections pertaining to continuation of the regional cooperation and objectives to be achieved, when the participants reached an agreement about the nature of its amendments.

Human Security and Migration Litigation Workshop

England, London, 27th and 28th January 2011. Organized by the INTERIGHTS, this workshop gathered lawyers and human rights activists, NGO representatives, from Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the Caucasus, to discuss the vulnerabilities of migrants to a wide range of human rights abuses. The workshop has dedicated special attention to a) facilitating cooperation and exchange of ideas and experiences between local lawyers; b) achieving a better understanding of the nature and scale of violations occurring in this context; c) examining legal strategies to address those violations; d) increasing the capacity of participating lawyers and NGOs to litigate abuses of human rights; etc.

From Bosnia and Herzegovina, Association “Vasa prava BiH” had its representative to take part in this interesting and capacity building workshop.

Vasa prava BIH lodged six appeals to the Constitutional Court of BiH

Association ” Vaša prava BiH” in the past two months filed six appeals to the Constitutional Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina on behalf of asylum seekers whose freedom of movement was seriously restricted.

VP claims that there has been a violation of the right to liberty as enshrined in Article 5 of the European Convention of Human Rights as well as a violations of the right to freedom of movement guaranteed by Article 2 of the 4th  Protocol.

According to the practice of the European Court in Strasbourg, detention of  asylum seekers could be imposed only if absolutely necessary ( judgement of the Court in Strasbourg: Saadi v. United Kingdom, application no. 13229/03, para. 70 ), while the detention of asylum seekers is considered arbitrary if it can not be justified by the fact that it represents the measure of last resourt  when all other, less severe measures are assessed inadequate for the protection of individual or public interests that are sought to be protected by the detention of this person (Rusu v. Austria, Application no. 34082/02, Judgement of 02.10.2008, para. 58).

The time will show whether in these cases asylum seekers were victims of violations of human rights.