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Activities of the Working Group for the preparation of the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid in BiH

The RC Government’s Decision on Housing Care for Returnees to the RC, Former Occupancy Rights Holders outside the Areas of Special State Concern

On 03 March 2011 the Government of the Republic of Croatia issued a Decision on Housing Care for Returnees to the RC – Former Occupancy Right Holders – Outside the Areas of Special State Concern.

The Decision pertains to the returnees to the RC – former occupancy right holders – seeking to  return permanently to the Republic of Croatia, providing that they do not own or co-own other habitable family house or apartment on the territory of the Republic of Croatia,  territory of the states formed after dissolution of the SFRY, or other states in which they reside and on condition that they have not sold, given away, or in some other way transferred the property after 08/10/1991. i.e. that they have not acquired the legal status of protected lessee.  The Decision refers to the returnees residing in the RC, as well as those residing outside the RC.  The Decision sets the terms for obtaining housing care for the returnees, former occupancy rights holders, who have not acquired the legal status of the protected lessee, and used to live in the socially-owned apartments outside the areas of special state concern of the Republic of Croatia.

The Decision was published in the Official Gazette, no. 29/2011 dated 09/03/2011.

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