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UNHCR Commemorates Roma Day by Urging Governments to Prevent and Eliminate Statelessness

Friday 8 April 2011

SARAJEVO – Today, UNHCR and Vaša Prava BiH commemorate International Roma Day, reminding governments of the social vulnerability and marginalization of Roma people, while encouraging additional efforts in preventing and eliminating statelessness.

As a marginalized community, Roma encounter obstacles in exercising their fundamental human rights. Many are absent from birth registries, and therefore, do not possess identification documents. Without such, individuals are unable to exercise their social, political, health, education, and employment rights. Consequently, this poses a substantial obstacle for Roma social integration, increasing the risk for statelessness.

“It is important that on International Roma Day we invite all competent authorities to eliminate the difficulties that Roma face in access to civil documentation and basic human rights. UNHCR would particularly like to highlight problems encountered by most vulnerable Roma individuals, including pregnant women and children, particularly in the area of healthcare access,” says Scott Pohl, Senior UNHCR Protection Officer in Sarajevo, BiH.

Roma Day-8th of April

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Meeting in Skopje:’Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’

As the UNHCR’s implementing partner of the project ‘Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’, ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’ attended a regional meeting in Skopje on 27 and 28 January 2011.  In addition to UNHCR and ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’, the meeting also gathered the representatives from Praxis (Serbia), CRP/K (Kosovo), Pravni centar (Montenegro), MYLA (Macedonia), as well as Human Rights Ombudsman (Croatia).

After the brief introduction and presentation about the results accomplished last year, the representatives of the above non-governmental organisations emphasized a necessity to amend the applicable Regional Memorandum on Understanding signed in 2009 under the sections pertaining to continuation of the regional cooperation and objectives to be achieved, when the participants reached an agreement about the nature of its amendments.