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Activities of the Working Group for the preparation of the Draft Law on Free Legal Aid in BiH

TRIAL and “Vaša prava BiH” work together in training Bosnian lawyers to bring complaints before international human rights mechanisms

Geneva/Sarajevo, 4 April 2011

On March 25 and 26, 2011 TRIAL (Track Impunity Always) organized the first stage of a comprehensive training program for “Vaša prava BiH” lawyers on the functioning of the main international human rights mechanisms relevant for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), in particular the United Nations Human Rights Committee and the European Court of Human Rights.

“Vaša prava BiH” employees from Sarajevo and Mostar attended a workshop where they were trained on how to draft and submit an application at the international level. Each trainee was assigned a concrete case to work on, mainly relating to relatives of missing persons from different parts of BiH under the supervision of TRIAL’s senior legal adviser. The aim of the program is to submit a number of individual communications before an international human rights mechanism, and the submission should formally be carried out by “Vaša prava BiH”, which will represent the applicants before the international mechanism concerned.