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Asylum: Asylum seekers have their right to adequate legal protection

The appeal administrative council of Court of BIH has adopted the request for reconsideration of the court decision submitted by Association “ Vasa prava BiH” and has revoked the judgment of the State Court No S1 3 U 001818 10 U taking a clear stance regarding questions of asylum seeker and their right to adequate legal protection.

Namely year long practice has been that in Administrative proceedings all written correspondence is delivered in the official languages of BiH directly to asylum seekers, even then when the asylum seekers have their attorneys, which resulted that asylum seekers due to their illiteracy missed the deadlines for using legal remedies.

Zagreb: Regional conference on combating discrimination

On 14 and 15 JanuZaključci sa konferencije u Zagrebuary 2011 the Centre for Peace Studies Zagreb organised a regional conference on anti-discrimination at the Human Rights House attracting many participants from the Republic of Croatia, Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, among them also the lawyers of Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’.

The situation regarding the efforts to curb discrimination was analysed, as well as practical implementation of the laws prohibiting discimination in the region.

The participants reached the conclusions aimed at improving the efforts to curb discrimination.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Law on Prohibition of Discrimination (Official Gazette BiH, 59/09) entered into force in August 2009 and Vaša prava BiH was first to implement the Law in practice, representing the victims of discrimination before the Municipal Courts.

the conclusions from the conference can be downloaded form this link or directly from our download section, but only in local language.

Seminar: “Regular and subsequent birth registration”

“Vaša prava BiH” and UNHCR organised a seminar entitled ‘Regular and Subsequent Civil Registration’ in the Hotel Blanka on Vlašić from 19 to 21/12/2010.  The objective of this seminar was to promote the collaboration between all institutions dealing with the problems faced by the Roma population.  The seminar was supported by the EU with 62 participants in attendance including the representatives of the Registry Offices, Social Welfare Centres and Police Administrations/Cantonal Ministries, BiH Municipalities, Ministry for Human Rights and Refugees FBiH, as well as the staff of the hosting Association.