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A new date soon to be announced for filing the applications for housing care outside the areas of special state concern in the Republic of Croatia.

Information for the former occupancy rights holders, refugees from Croatia

Forthcoming donor conference of the countries in the region scheduled to take place in Belgrade in June 2011 should bring a solution to the problems faced by the refugees from the Republic of Croatia, who used to be occupancy rights holders and who are staying outside the area of special state concern.

IMPORTANT-Refugees from Croatia:Croatia introduces OIB instead of JMBG

1. What is Personal Identification Number?

Personal Identification Number is a permanent identification mark of each particular individual, used by the public authorities in keeping official records and data exchange. Personal Identification Number has been introduced and applied in the Republic of Croatia since January 1st, 2009, by coming into force of the Law on Personal Identification Number (Official Gazette 60/08).

Meeting in Skopje:’Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’

As the UNHCR’s implementing partner of the project ‘Regional Support to the Marginalised Communities’, ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’ attended a regional meeting in Skopje on 27 and 28 January 2011.  In addition to UNHCR and ‘Vaša prava Bosnia and Herzegovina’, the meeting also gathered the representatives from Praxis (Serbia), CRP/K (Kosovo), Pravni centar (Montenegro), MYLA (Macedonia), as well as Human Rights Ombudsman (Croatia).

After the brief introduction and presentation about the results accomplished last year, the representatives of the above non-governmental organisations emphasized a necessity to amend the applicable Regional Memorandum on Understanding signed in 2009 under the sections pertaining to continuation of the regional cooperation and objectives to be achieved, when the participants reached an agreement about the nature of its amendments.