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„No Coal for Displaced Persons …“

Case update: Appeal to the Ministry for reconstruction, development and return of the Tuzla Canton.

At its regular session in August 2010, the Tuzla Canton (TC) Government approved the funding in the amount of more than KM 200.000 for coal purchase intended for the refugee settlements and most vulnerable categories of displaced persons residing in the individual accommodation.  These funds were intended for the persons residing in the refugee settlements, Dutch Government sponsored houses, providing that they met the set criteria.  However,

Visits to the Collective Centre Gronja Kolonija in Jablanica

The Mobile Team of Association ‘Vaša prava BiH’ Mostar, consisting of the lawyers providing free legal aid, visited the Municipality Jablanica and Collective Centre Gornja Kolonija on 15 February 2011, when they met with the Manager of this Collective Centre, Mr. Ramiz Rokša, and the residents of the Centre.

Right to asylum is a constitutional right in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The right to asylum, which means the right of foreigners to seek asylum in another State and the right to enjoy protection by that State from persecution in his or her country of origin, is a fundamental right guaranteed by international human rights standards.

Article III/3.f) of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Constitution prescribes  exclusive competence of the BiH insitutions for the policy and regulation of immmigration, refugees and asylum issues.

Even though the question of asylum is within the competence of the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the BiH Consitution does not specifically provides for the «right to asylum» in the catalogue of rights and freedoms enumerated in article II/3 of the BiH Constitution.

Contrary to the BiH Constitution and the Constitution of the Repulika Srpska, the Constitution of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina stipulates that the Federation of BiH will ensure that all individuals on the territory of Federation enjoy the right to asylum.