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Call for a public discussion-“Fighting discrimination-current trends and challanges in BiH”

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Reagiranje pet nevladinih organizacija povodom sve intenzivnije politizacije pravosuđa u BiH

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“The seminar on Roma inclusion: A way forward for Bosnia and Herzegovina”

The European Commission organized all comprising workshop titled: “The seminar on Roma inclusion: A way forward for Bosnia and Herzegovina” on 04/07/2011. The workshop participants discussed achieved results and gave suggestions and conclusions along with concrete measures for better implementation of the Action plan and resolution of Roma problems in fields of civil registration, employment, housing and health care.

Over 80 representatives of various local, entity and stated institutions, international organizations (OSCE, UNHCR, UNICEF), representatives of  Roma associations and other civil society representatives, who actively work with Roma population, participated in the workshop.

The workshop was divided into topics: Civil registration, Employment, Health care and Housing.

As part of the Civil registration panel, Vasa prava BiH gave 5 minute presentation in which the problems that had been encountered in the process of civil registration of Roma and obtaining personal documents were presented and explained. Vasa prava BiH also proposed concrete measures to improve the situation in this field.

Vasa prava BiH also presented a series of problems encountered by Roma population in the process of exercising their rights to health care.