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Roma Belong

roma-belong-1This report synthesizes the findings of the #RomaBelong project, which set out to explore the nexus between statelessness, discrimination and marginalization of Romani people in Eu-ropean Union candidate and neighborhood countries in the Western Balkans and Ukraine. It draws on data from interviews with Roma individuals and associations, state actors, NGOs, journalists and international agencies to identify and analyse the main factors contributing to the risk of statelessness and its impact on the daily lives of Romani people in the region. As a partnership between both international and national organisations, those focused on state-lessness on the one hand, and Roma rights on the other, the project draws on different fields of expertise to make recommendations to national and regional stakeholders for concrete action to address the issues it uncovers.

The full report can be downloaded below:

Roma Belong Report (47)

TV debate : All together under one roof on TV1

Ahmet Salčin, VPBiH Deputy Director for Legal Affairs in the TV debate ” All together under one roof ” on TV1, speaks about the problems of ” the schools under one roof” and strategic litigation in this and other anti-discrimination cases in BiH.


First Identity cards for naturalised refugees in BiH